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Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

Arizona State Society for Human Resource Management

American Jewish Press Association

Idaho Counseling Association

The Reno Market

Kaiser Permanente

California Community College Association

Seattle Schools

Oneida Indian Nation New York

Pacific Northwest Regional Council, NAHRO

Department Of Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Oregon School Boards Association

California Credit Union League

Corporate and Organization Trainings

Bayer Corporation

Fidelity National Title


CA Dept. of Transportation

Environmental Management Department, El Dorado County

University of California, Davis

CA Association of State Auditors

Testimonials for Keynotes

To Whom It May Concern:

Cheewa James was asked to do the opening presentation at our National Managers' Conference in Ottawa, Ontario. The conference theme was "Visions," and we felt that by opening with Cheewa's session, we would be setting the stage for the topics to follow.

Cheewa had quite a mandate to become familiar with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, our mandate and goals; to familiarize herself with our objectives of the conference; and to give us a great opener. She accomplished all of this and more. Her careful preparation showed in her presentation. She captured the interest of the participants by showing that she was very well acquainted with our corporation and its activities. Cheewa set the stage and delivered a dynamic, interesting and meaningful presentation.

I am confident that our participants took away information that they will reflect on and use not only in their daily work lives but in their personal lives as well. I have no hesitation in recommending Cheewa James and would definitely consider engaging her for future events.

Yours sincerely, Norma Laird, Assistant Corporate Secretary, Board and Committees Office

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Dear Cheewa,

Your program evaluations were outstanding! Thank you for the wonderful part you had in making the 200l State SHRM Conference such a success. Your presentation, "Climb Off Dead Horses: Mastering Change" was a hit.

Everywhere I turned I received compliments and kudos on having you at the conference. Some comments included:

"Wanted her to speak longer." "Very meaningful." "Needed tissues." "Thought provoking." "Excellent!"

It was a pleasure to work with you in preparing for the conference and a greater pleasure to meet you. I hope our paths will cross again someday! Thank you so much from the entire Arizona State Society for Human Resource Management conference committee.

Sincerely, Stephanie Angelo, Programs Chair

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Dear Cheewa:

What a fantastic, inspiring, delightful, thought-provoking presentation you gave to the American Jewish Press Association! Your words resonated on a professional level as well as personal level, prompting me to make specific immediate, positive changes back at the office—and in my "non-office" life.

The wisdom and practical information you shared was truly one of the high points of an informative, productive weekend. Thank you for the jolt of energy!

I wish you the best and hope that many, many individuals and groups get to benefit from your message.

Sincerely, Sherry Siegel, American Jewish Press Association

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To Whom It May Concern:

Cheewa James was one of the most dynamic keynote speakers we have ever had address the annual Idaho Counseling Association Conference. She completely captivated her audience and held them spellbound for over two hours. The Idaho Counseling Association has had a number of nationally known keynote speakers over the years, including Jan Borysenko and Richard Bowles, and Ms. James' presentation was more than comparable to theirs.

Cheewa's potent combination of humor, touching real-life vignettes, and Native American wisdom is dynamic and memorable. I have found myself sharing excerpts from her talk with colleagues and clients. She is energetic, very personable and inspiring.

Cheewa also conducted a vibrant interactive full-day leadership development institute for our Association which was very well received and most informative.

The Idaho Counseling Association and I personally cannot recommend her too highly. Her presentation has had a deeper and more far reaching impact than many speakers whose fees are much higher.


Joan C. Hahn, LPC-P, President Idaho Counseling Association

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Dear Cheewa:

On behalf of the Board of Directors of The Reno Market, I would like to thank you for the fantastic seminar you presented to our Market attendees. Several board members were able to attend your seminar and spoke very highly of your presentation. We also ask our attendees to evaluate the seminars, here is a sample of the comments received:

"Cheewa gave me hope and inspiration again. I actually follow my own type of wheel of life, but I was losing touch with it . . . (now I'm) on the right track."

"(Cheewa) is a very motivational, energetic and confident speaker."

"Invaluable information to understand wisdom and how to use it in our lives." In rating the seminar on a basis of 1 to 6 (6 being very satisfied), the evaluator gave all 6's with the following comment: "The numbers accurately represent what Cheewa James has given to us."

Thank you for the time and energy you gave, those who attended left with a little more self-knowledge and power.


Despina M. Kreatsoulas, Market Coordinator, The Reno Market

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To Whom It May Concern:

I had the pleasure of listening to a keynote address given by Cheewa James at the Kaiser Permanente Southern California Annual Nursing Symposium held in April of this year. Possessed with a striking presence and an energetic speaking style, Cheewa captivated the audience by weaving her own Native American stories in the context of the workplace, finding wisdom and meaning in today's world. She was able to find the pulse of the audience and provide information that was relevant to their needs. Cheewa also supported several key points brought to light by other speakers and incorporated these concepts into her speech.

Cheewa tackled such issues as the handling of change, effective communication, and leadership. She provided guidelines for introspective thinking via the American Indian Wheel of Life, a fascinating look into the powerful use of symbols and their relationship to our inner selves.

I look forward to hearing her speak again.


Dava Millar, RN, PHN Manager, Continuing Care Department, Kaiser Permanente

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This letter is to highly recommend Cheewa James as an outstanding speaker. I recently hired her to be our keynote speaker at a statewide conference for California Community College personnel and the response was overwhelmingly positive.

Cheewa's address was motivating and inspiring for counselors, instructors, administrators, support staff and students. She infused multicultural messages relating to her Native American heritage which were relevant and educational. She did her homework by inquiring about our association and the issues with which we were currently involved.

Some of the comments and evaluations were:

"I've been going to conferences for years and Cheewa James was the best keynote speaker I have ever heard."

"Cheewa was wonderful. Please invite her back again."

"I want Cheewa James' phone number and address so I can have her come to my campus to speak." There were no negative comments and she received the highest rating of all presenters at the three-day conference.

In summation, I have heard Cheewa speak twice and both times she has been very well received, complete with standing ovations. She worked well with me in addressing the areas delineated to her prior to the conference, which assisted me in my task as the conference co-chair. I will be happy to respond to any questions you may have regarding her presentation.


Doris F. Livingston, Dean of Student Services, Feather River College

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Dear Cheewa,

What a wonderful experience for Seattle Public Schools this past Saturday when you were the keynote speaker at our Multicultural Seminar! The evaluations were stellar: "excellent," "reaffirms power of storytelling," "I have learned to say, 'I don't know, I am sorry, and I love you' to my students" . . . she modeled ways I'd like to teach."

Your presentation was motivational, vibrant, and right on target with Seattle's mission of increasing academic achievement for all students. Therefore, I am requesting that you join us again, specifically at our week-long Leadership Conference for administrators and school teams which is scheduled the week of August 18. I've yet to work out the details but am anxious for you to play a key role. I hope you'll reserve this week on your calendar.

Thanks again, it was truly a pleasure to meet you—I'm excited about working with you again.

Most sincerely,

Ann Schafer, Coordinator, Professional Development Seattle Schools

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To Whom It May Concern:

We are currently preparing for our second health and wellness conference to be hosted by the New York Oneida Indian Nation. Much of the credit for the success of our first conference must go to the outstanding presentation and enthusiastic participation by Cheewa James, as one of two keynote speakers.

Ms. James' presentation, "Climb Off Dead Horses—Mastering Change," was one of the highest rated segments of the conference. Many were impressed by her contagious excitement and by her heartfelt interest in learning as much as she could about the Oneida people during her brief visit.

I am pleased to recommend Cheewa James as a conference speaker.

Meg Parsons, Conference Coordinator, Oneida Indian Nation, New York

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Dear Cheewa,

I am writing to thank you for participating in our recent 2003 Annual Conference in Spokane, WA. It was a pleasure working with you and I regret that my duties at the conference kept me from being able to spend more time talking with you there. I am particularly appreciative of the business-like and timely manner in which you responded to my inquiries and correspondence.

With respect to the feedback from those attending your keynote address, I can report that it was very positive, Our members really enjoyed your presentation, "Climb Off Dead Horses -- Mastering Change for a Stronger Community." Their comments included:

"She was able to tie her message and background to our mission." "One of the best speakers I have heard since coming to these conferences." "Cheewa was superb. She was energetic and joy to listen to." "She came with a different perspective; loved the 'get off the dead horse segment.'" "Loved Cheewa James -- she was great! A very good motivational speaker." "Very motivating." "Liked everything about her; full of life and a great role model." "She did a fine job; different twist than most." "The cross cultural aspect that Cheewa provided was the best part." "Cheewa was great; full of energy and an incredible story."

Thank you again for helping to make our Annual Conference a real success.

Ron Oldham, Director, Pacific Northwest Regional Council, NAHRO

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The VA Long Beach Healthcare System was treated to a dynamic professional speaker, Cheewa James. She captured the audience and never let them go. It has been several months since Ms. James has spoken to our staff and people are still talking about her. Many changes are taking place in our healthcare system and the staff really needed a boost of energy to make them realize that power lies within all of us to make a difference. Cheewa just brought it all out to the surface. Through her words she reinforced the meaning that we are all special. I am constantly being asked by the staff, "When will she be back?" She inspired us and left us all with a powerful message.

Mary Becerra, Education Program Specialist, Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center

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Your closing keynote speech at our annual convention exceeded our highest expectations. You created an atmosphere among our membership that helped rekindle their enthusiasm for doing what's best for children. The past few years in Oregon public education has taken a financial "beating." The majority of our school districts have received less funding than required which results in school board members having to make difficult decisions. Your comments certainly contributed to our membership, leaving the convention with a renewed spirit and a "we can do it" attitude.

Max Janikowski, Board Development Specialist, Oregon School Boards Association

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We would like to thank you for being a part of our recent Call Center Network Summit. Our attendees indicated that they were able to come away with some new and excellent information on how to energize and motivate those that report to them. You received a very high rating.

Thank you for making our event a success.

Nancy Dotson, Sr. Administrator/Professional Networks, California Credit Union League

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Testimonials for Trainings

To Whom It May Concern:

Cheewa James was invited to speak at a gathering of Bayer Corporation team leaders. She was asked to help the group see the importance and benefit of rewarding and recognizing their team members. Ms. James seamlessly wove this topic, along with leadership and motivation, into an enlightening and captivating presentation. Based on the feedback received from the team members, this was the highlight of the two-day gathering.

It is obvious that Cheewa is a skilled motivational speaker. She easily adapted to the particular needs of this audience and helped to make the meeting a success.

David Fox, Diagnostics Division, Bayer Corporation

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To Whom It May Concern:

Fidelity National Title Insurance Co. recently sponsored Cheewa James as a seminar speaker for a group of realtors in the Monterey/Carmel, California, area. Cheewa's seminar was a great success. Her poise and charm quickly captured the interest and attention of her audience. Her holistic approach to the topic could easily appeal to a diverse group of people.

Many of the realtors in attendance came up to me after the seminar or in the days following to express their appreciation of Cheewa. Realtors who frequently attend educational seminars said it was one of the best they had attended in a long time. They felt she had been speaking directly to them. Her message made them feel that they could succeed regardless of obstacles, if they had the right attitude. They left uplifted and enthusiastic.

The realtors' positive response and gratitude achieved my goals as a company sponsor. I would not hesitate to have Cheewa back for another seminar or recommend her wholeheartedly to other groups.

A resounding hand of applause for Cheewa James.


Therese Sorrentino, Sales Manager, Fidelity National Title

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To Whom It May Concern:

Cheewa James' enthusiasm and zest for life have permeated our whole company! She did a two-day training and facilitation for our management team and a keynote for our entire company. She helped us address, head on, communication issues that we have been skirting for years.

Our marketing manager Laura Lindloff said the training and facilitation "was the best we ever had. Positive energy is still flowing. The information I learned from her will change my life."

Debbie Galbaugh, finance manager, said: "She helped me to understand what team work is really all about. She helped me step out of my comfort zone and dare new things."

Our operating manager Ed Deats was especially moved by her keynote address. "People are saying that her inspiring keynote speech was the best meeting they had ever attended."

I think our general manager Michael Dourgarian summed up what we are all feeling here at Manpower. "Cheewa uses simple analogies to effectively communicate complex subjects. Her fee was money well invested by our company."

Sincerely yours,

Joan Ott, Manpower

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Dear Cheewa:

Thank you for conducting our offices' annual off-site meeting. Your theme, "How to Create a Dynamic Organization," was tailored to the specific needs of our office and was just what management had envisioned. We were impressed by how successful you were in developing complete participation of all the staff. The staff still comment, some four months later, how useful and fun the session was. We have also incorporated the session results into our office practices. On behalf of our entire staff, we thank you for a job well done.


Carl Brust, Audit Manager, California Department of Transportation

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To Whom It May Concern:

As Fiscal Administration Manager for the El Dorado County, California, Environmental Management Department, my responsibilities include coordinating department-wide training sessions. A few months ago I had the pleasure of hearing Ms. Cheewa James deliver the keynote speech at a conference for government accountants. I wanted to hear more from this fascinating woman.

I arranged to have Ms. James conduct a 6-hour training session for our staff of 50 employees. Her presentation was innovative, entertaining, informative, and inspirational! The positive feedback I received from the employees was tremendous. Several long-time employees said this was the best training they¹ve ever had. Others were discussing how they have implemented her time management techniques and found they really work.

As a training coordinator, it is difficult to find someone who can train all levels simultaneously, from line staff to top management. Ms. James did this quite successfully. I wholeheartedly recommend Cheewa James to any organization that is looking for a dynamic speaker who can bring practical ideas to its employees.

Jennifer Weston, Fiscal Administration Manager, Environmental Management Department, El Dorado County

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To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Cheewa James for your organization's business workshops, training classes and customized consulting needs. Ms. James is an outstanding contributor to UC Davis' Staff Development & Professional Services, which serves the training and development needs of 10,000 staff employees. We are fortunate to have had Ms. James as part of our program since 1993.

Ms. James has conducted several training classes and workshops for our organization, including "Communicating with Staff," "Motivating Staff," and "Building Self-Esteem." She has a keen sense for curriculum design and always tailors her classes specifically to her audience. She is sensitive to our university work setting and incorporates our specific information into her curricula. Ms. James artfully weaves theory, practical applications, stories, and personal experience into her presentations. The comments collected from her class evaluations speak to the valuable course content as well as her high level of professionalism and excellent delivery style. Some of these comments include, "This was the best class I have ever attended!" and "Cheewa is so inspiring and motivating—we need to bring her back!"

Cheewa James is a great asset to our program and I am confident that any organization would be fortunate to be the recipient of her highly professional training classes and motivating workshops.

Carina Celesia Moore, Program Coordinator, University of California, Davis

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Dear Ms. James:

I just wanted you to know that your evaluations were extremely high on the 8 hour seminar you did for our auditors. Verbal critiques from participants indicated that they were impressed with your knowledge and presentation. Many of then have requested your return as soon as we can set it up!

We weren't sure just how our auditors, who are used to highly technical seminars in their areas of expertise, would respond to a seminar such as yours. To our surprise and delight, they not only enjoyed your style and delivery, but indicated that they had received a lot of information that would be useful to them in many aspects of their work.

We look forward to utilizing your skills in our next scheduled programs.


Dorothy Affleck, Executive Director, California Association for State Auditors

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