Speaking Topics


"Storytelling as a Healing Technique” - for health practitioners and counselors

"Storytelling: A Learning Literacy Tool” - for educators

A vital part of the life of early indigenous people, storytelling proves invaluable today, too. For those who work in a counseling/nursing field or for educators, these workshops teach how to make the most of storytelling techniques.

Development of communication skills and strong bonding are immediate results of storytelling activities.

Used as a healing tool, storytelling allows a person to talk about him- or herself, bring about a clearer sense of identity and self-esteem and clarify the challenges he or she may face.

As a literacy learning tool, storytelling is a wonderful technique to encourage and stimulate reading. It also increases family literacy. Cheewa, as a certificated English teacher, guides workshop participants in using storytelling effectively.

". . . used wonderful and appropriate examples . . . eloquent . . . we feel rejuvenated"
—Ken Miles, Professional Association for Childhood Education

"I especially appreciate the way you moved with such ease from humor to moving thoughts and back. You are indeed a professional."
—Joy Effman, California Indian Manpower Consortium

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