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"If It Is To Be, It Begins With Me: The Power of Role Modeling"

—A keynote that asks for a commitment to self-development—

People do what you do, not what you say.

This dramatic keynote presentation emphasizes that role modeling is the most powerful form of communication and developing relationships. The quest today is to inspire professional and personal values.

Cheewa James uses humor and motivational stories that touch both the heart and mind with force. Cheewa is a master at combining entertainment and information.

Benefits of this program:
creates an awareness of ethical, people-centered behavior
shows the power of attitude and morale building
provides tools to self-motivation and balance in life

"You had the audience in stitches, yet the depth of your message was very poignant and moving.”
—J. Evan Goulding, Special District Association of Colorado

"You are truly a gifted speaker with a dynamic and meaningful format.”
—Connie Gutierrez, Organization of Associated Salespeople in the Southwest

"Stellar evaluations! Right on target with Seattle's mission of increasing academic achievement for all students.”
—Ann Schafer, Seattle Public Schools

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