Speaking Topics

"How to Create a Dynamic Organization"

Half-day to two-day training with Cheewa James. Complete with training manual.

I. Leap to Leadership: Principles of Eagles
Quick-moving, entertaining video clips allow a highly interactive session on the characteristics and qualities of a leader. This involves a discussion of the "natural leader" who may or may not be in a position of formal authority.

II. Communication for the 21st Century
Understanding the theory behind one-on-one communication and seeing how to use it on a daily basis can transform an organization. This session deals with the power of listening and responding to the needs of others. An amazing test on listening skills, taken by all participants, often has surprising results!

III. Dead Fish Don't Swim Upstream
Day-to-day working with one another asks for cooperation and the ability to create a pleasant work place. Understanding how morale works and how different personality types enter in can help make each person's job easier.

IV. Time Management and Delegation
Tools and techniques for making minutes count and for delegating in an organized way.

V. Mastering Change
Participants will learn a process for making needed changes. They will understand flexibility and how to make change a positive thing.

VI. If It Is To Be, It Begins With Me
This is an inspirational end to a day filled with information. The ultimate goal of leadership is to create an individual who not only has leadership abilities and tools—but has a solid set of ethics and the self-assurance to move an organization forward. A great leader has true accountability to those he or she leads.

Other topics that can be substituted or incorporated into the training:
Team Building
Customer Service
Presentation Skills

"I was looking for something different, something fresh—someone who could energize and motivate staff using a common sense approach. You delivered."
—Marsha Clayton, Department of Veterans Affairs, Employee Education System

"Cheewa's knowledge of the early roots and theory of communication was obvious. Powerful presenter!"
—Elaine Winter, Council of Logistic Management

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